Looking back at Silom, on Convent Road in 1964, one might recall a little place known then as ‘Tom and Nit House.' Standing 5-storey tall, the establishment was the first apartment building to grace the area.

Offering modern and stylish rooms for rent that came with warm and courteous service, ‘Tom and Nit House' soon became one of the most popular places of residence for many expatriates and even some locals. However, the passing years began to take their toll on appearance and minor restorations no longer sufficed. It was time for total renovation.

The year 2003 witnessed the launch of a grand makeover, when 39 year-old ‘Tom & Nit House' began to undergo a full facelift. To keep in tune with the times, it was also given a new name – ‘The Convento.' Upon completion on its renovation in 2006, The Convento was born as the newest boutique-styled apartment on Convent Road. Though new in appearance, The Convento still harbours the homey atmosphere with all the cherished warmth and friendliness of its olden ‘Tom and Nit House' days.

Having only 20 rental units conveniently allows The Convento the capacity to provide the best of personalized care and attention that each and every tenant desires. All rooms are large, and while 2 of them feature direct access to the swimming pool, the rest offers ample space for a balcony.

Though situated in one of Bangkok's most bustling areas, The Convento makes certain there's room for serenity within its walls, offering you private sanctuary in your home-away-from-home living space.